What is GEAR by GEQ?  I’m glad you asked! It is GEAR Expressions of Quality (TM)

Gear in the dictionary is defined as equipment used for a particular purpose! In an urban sense it is cool or awesome apparel!

We use inspirational words on clothing and hats to express positivity through words! In the world today, people can use words to uplift and strengthen, or they can use them to wound and harm others! We choose to use words that speak life and not death! (Proverbs 18:21)

GEAR Expressions of Quality (TM) is apparel that inspires using positive and inspirational words on T-shirts and hats. We use words from the acronym GEAR and scripture to define, inspire and represent!

How did it start? Many years ago, I created a T-shirt for a men’s church ministry called MOI GEAR and it stood for Men of Integrity – Godliness Excellence And Righteousness!

It was unique and it was something to represent who we were in the Lord!

When was young, I excelled in English classes and writing, so when I joined the military years later, I learned the use of acronyms.

So when I created GEAR, I began using the acronym GEAR with different words, and thought about how awesome it would be to have it on shirts and hats to express who we are and what we believe! So, GEAR by GEQ was born!

GEQ stands for GEAR Expressions of Quality, but it is also the initials of my birth name given to me by my mother; Gemale E. Quinn. ( :

GEAR Expressions of Quality words!

Some of the words we use to inspire on our GEAR! Do they describe you?

Gifted, Educated, Athletic, Reign, Godliness, Excellence And Righteousness, Gallant Extraordinary, Awesome, Royal, Genius, Exceptional, Aspiring Realist, Graceful, Exquisite, Adorable, Resilient, Gentle, Elegant, Angel, Reliable, Gamechanger, Elegant, Authentic, Gorgeous, Authentic, Achiever, Geek, Great, Eloquent, Admirable, Reliable, Generous, Rare, Electrifying, Runner, Achiever, Risktaker, Grandeur, Awed, Renowned, Respected, and Real!

Do these words describe you? Then wear it to inspire others!

(GEAR by GEQ (TM) is an entrepreneurial concept located in Riverview, Fl. Unauthorized use of the name or likeness constitutes a violation of trademark and copyright laws and is subject to liability and or prosecution in a court of law.)

GEAR apparel that inspires!

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